Castro Laboreiro Dogs
Preservation, Breeding and Selection of Castro Laboreiro Dog
incontestable fidelity,
courage and
The Best Castro Laboreiro Dogs of Portugal
Preservation, Recovery and Genetical Selection of Traditional Bloodlines of Castro Laboreiro Breed.
Cães Castro Laboreiro
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Our dogs live in freedom at a 35 acres estate. This singular aspect contributes by itself to the correct build-up of character exhibit by our specimens. This natural way of living is only interrupted at the mating season where the bitches are confined to ensure progeny. Soon they will be back to nature.

According to Rollin and Aristotle animals got a “Telos” which is the aim, the nature or function intrinsic  to the creature. Aware of the importance of this subject on dog’s breeding and genetics preservation we rule our action on dog’s welfare keeping.  We give our dogs the freedom to be themselves.

New born litters are entirely and exclusively at bitch’s care. We do not use radiators or similar stuff  to warm our puppies.  Natural selection played the most important role on breed’s history and as a result we’ve got a dog’s breed plenty of strength and nobility.

Our secret remains also in good bloodlines and well balanced  nutritional programs adapted to each  animal.

We preserve, recover and select the best bloodlines from this magnificent breed. That’s our humble contribution to preserve dog’s nature as we knew it after our ancestors.

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