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Our History
The history of our relationship with Castro Laboreiro dogs, remote "twentieth century to the fifties, 1957".
Year it was acquired our first female breed Castro Laboreiro dog. The "Mimosa" was a working dog, the color hill that cost "500 escudos" at that time. The Pastor/Celtic return of "Serra da Peneda" not think selling the "Mimosa", but the proposal was irrefutable, and "Mimosa" headed to our farm. I grew up hearing stories about "Mimosa", stories, which I remember with fondness and nostalgia, whose protagonists are no longer part of the living world.

The relationship with our "Castros" is based on passion and respect for these great friends. This is part of our daily life, socializing from an early age, with unconditional love, understanding, friendship and dignity of these wonderful beings that teach us, all the time, while the man moves away from social relatins: liberty, equality and fraternity.

Can not exist in nature a relationship more affectionate and true than that of a Castro Laboreiro dog and a child. This relationship can bring to education a man of what we usually call "cradle". Cradle is more than education. It is able to understand the laws of nature and understand that there will always be a reaction, reciprocity to all acts we practice in life.

The model for the breeding of  our Castros Laboreiro, is based on the concept of pack; groups organized hierarchically, where the prevailing order and not the ferocity. This is as important as the physical appearance of a dog's character and balance. So we do not have kennels.

Our dedication to Castro Laboreiro breed is not intended for profit, just enough feedback to defend a breed endangered (including the old lines of working dogs), highest level, creating puppies more homogeneous, with the expectation that when the gene is strong, excellent nutrition, the environment makes a big difference.

Come here and immerse yourself in this beautiful passion.

OLivão Farm

Olivão farm, has 14ha, of which 8ha are in forest, the remaining 6ha are agricultural. It is a privileged location with identical to the solar at all favorable, to perservation, retrieval and selection of dog breed Castro Laboreiro Dog.

Our current pack is one of the most effective existing pure old-line of working dogs, making the maintenance of this "purity" of rules defining the policy of pairings.

We try to follow a guideline that is not one that gives more profit in producing the large market, is certainly the most interesting for the breed by allowing players to obtain large ethnic purity that safeguard and selects a core gene, whose existence is essential to variability Castro Laboreiro dog breed.
Our Mission
Our Mission is doggedly pursuing the perservation, retrival and selection of a dog known for its hardeness, character and nobility since the days passed and a total commitment of ethics, transparency and honesty with our national and international customers.

We believe that our difference is indeed our passion, integrity, responsibility and respsct for the breed which has ensured the success of our matings and homogeneity of our litters. A reality today.

We will always be focused on preserving the old lines so that they do not miss the typicality of patterns Castro Laboreiro dog. 
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